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Smart Canary - tutoring and games for language learning

Smart Canary makes it fun to learn a foreign language. Learn vocabulary, build sentences, practice pronunciation--all while playing games at home or in the classroom. We currently have online tutoring and games for Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese, and English, with several others in the making.

Here's the skinny on what Smart Canary games are and why they're effective at helping students learn a foreign language.

how starter decks work:

  • 90+ vocab words

  • 9,000+ possible sentence combinations per deck

  • numbers (in the corners) and colors for games  similar to UNO, Steal the Pile, Scum or Speed

  • now available in English, French, Spanish and Chinese

how pinyin prattle works:


  • similar to Mad Gab

  • pinyin and tone pronunciation practice

  • simplified and traditional characters available

  • hint and answer for pinyin on the opposite side

  • jumbo-size cards for group/class play

A few more details about how the games work and why they're effective at helping students learn a new language.